Sample Schedules

Sample Schedules.png

What your baby's schedule could look like from birth to 3 years old.

Early Morning Checklist

Banish Early Morning Wakeups

Travel Tips

Now that you've done all the hard work to get your baby sleeping well, keep them on track while you travel!

Daylights Savings.png

daylights savings guide

Change The Clocks-Stress Free 

Weekend Warriors.png

Weekend washroom Warriors

3-Day Foolproof Potty Training Program

potty pass

Free PDF for you to edit for your child to use as a potty pass at bedtime. 

Make naps a snap


Everything you need to fix any nap woes. Short Naps, Inconsistent Naps, and more solved with this guide!

THe Big Kid Bed guide

Transition from crib to big bed with no drama! The guide walks you through picking a bed, getting your toddler on board and has simple, step-by-step instructions. Add on the accompanying storybook to complete the bundle.

Nova-Newborn Guide

From day one a baby's life, their parent will worry about sleep. How much? How little? What can we do to make sleep happen? 

This guide goes through exactly what to expect with newborn sleep, how to get as much sleep as possible during that fourth trimester, and how to deal with regressions and setbacks as your baby grows and develops. 

This guide also includes my ultimate resource guide that will prepare you for every nap transition, dealing with travel or illness and how to adapt your baby's schedule from newborn all the way to toddlerhood. 

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