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0-12 Weeks

From day one a baby's life, their parent will worry about sleep. How much? How little? What can we do to make sleep happen? 

This guide goes through exactly what to expect with newborn sleep, how to get as much sleep as possible during that fourth trimester, and how to deal with regressions and setbacks as your baby grows and develops. 

This guide also includes my ultimate resource guide that will prepare you for every nap transition, dealing with travel or illness and how to adapt your baby's schedule from newborn all the way to toddlerhood. 

Little Dipper

3-24 Months

Designed for babies who have transitioned out of newborn sleep (that 4-month regression has hit...hard). Custom Sleep plan, loads of support and resources for continued success as your baby grows and develops!


Big Dipper

2-4 Years

Designed specifically for those strong-willed and very mobile toddlers. Stop bedtime battles once and for all with a clear and concise plan of action with support and resources to make this process as painless as possible. 



4-18 Months


An in-depth downloadable guide to help your baby sleep better & longer; including step-by-step gentle sleep training tools, example schedules & routines, plus lots of troubleshooting guidance for common sleep issues in babies ages 4-18 months.

DIY Sleep Training Guide

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