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Scrolling through my Facebook account the other day and I happened upon an article from Parent's Magazine about the top 10 splurges new parents are making.

Well... Sleep Consultants made the top 10!! The idea of a Sleep Consultant is a relatively new idea. But, when you think about it, it just makes sense! So many parents start down that Google rabbit hole of "Why isn't my baby sleeping" and finding opinions from way too many sources. It's hard to know what is right for your child and your family! That's where I come in! I take the guess work out of it! I learn all about you, your child and the way your family works so that the advice you're getting isn't just's going to work for you (not your neighbour, or your nieces or The custom plans I create are family-focused, connection-based and developmentally appropriate for your little one.

As the article says, use the "steady, trusty expertise" that I have and get back to sleep gently and easily!

So (as the great Donna Meagle once exclaimed) treat yo' self to some well deserved sleep! Contact me and we can get started on a custom plan just for you!!

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