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Bed Wetter!!

I don't know about you, but one of the worst things I've experienced as a Mom is waking to my kid screams and discovering that he, his pyjamas and his bed are entirely soaked with pee. Night wakings are bad enough, now you want me to add a load of laundry to the mix?! I don't think so!!

I learned a pro-tip from one of my parent friends and I'd like to share it with you!

Step 1: Mattress protector

Step 2: Crib sheet

Step 3: Another mattress protector

Step 4: Final crib sheet

A great mattress protector sheet is the one from Dry N Comfort!

Voila! Now, when junior wakes up because of an accident, you can peel off the first two layers of sheets, get them into a new diaper and new dry jammies and it's back to bed in a flash!!

Let's take a second to discuss those nighttime diapers, shall we?

We are a cloth diapering family, we use Lil Helper diapers and we are seriously in love with them!! They're ultra cute and a BREEZE to use! They've changed how I feel about diapers all together! I don't even mind the poop that much anymore (and that is saying something)!! I know there are A LOT of cloth diaper brands out there, but if you haven't heard of Lil Helper, and you're considering cloth diapering your babe you should check them out! For every three diapers they sell, they give a diaper to a family in awesome is that?! And they're not even paying me to say good things! They have INSANELY GOOD customer service!! Check the reviews, people will corroborate my claims!! I've actually become this weird missionary for Lil Helper and I try to spread the good word to basically every mom I meet...I'm that person. #sorrynotsorry

How cute is my kid with his fluffy little butt!?!

How cute is my kid with his fluffy little butt?!?!

ANYWAY, Lil Helper has an awesome overnight insert that keeps my kiddo dry (full disclosure, we use an additional booster ON TOP of our overnight insert, he's a heavy wetter). They wick away moisture and they're charcoal inserts help prevent that nasty diaper rash that is associated with staying wet for long periods. BUT, if cloth diapering isn't your jam, try Huggies Overnights. They're crazy absorbent and before we became a cloth diapering family we used them exclusively.

Keeping baby dry at night is such a crucial step to getting a nice long chunk of sleep! If something else is keeping your baby awake, drop me a line. I'd love to help!! What are some of your tips to keeping baby dry all night long? Let me know in the comments!

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