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Designing A Shared Bedroom!

I was so honoured to be asked by Redfin to participate in their article about a shared bedroom for kiddos! As a Mama whose two sons share a room and have since my youngest was just 3.5 months, my boys' bedroom has to work for good sleep! They've had different schedules and different sleep needs and have always shared their sleep space so seamlessly.

Think of the space as a sleep sanctuary

If you want your children to sleep well in the same room, think of that space more as a sleep

sanctuary and less as a play area: TVs, phones, tablets, and even loud toys aren’t conducive to

good sleep, so leave them out of the room completely - opt for a cozy reading corner instead.

Use warm-toned lights (especially if using nightlights) to support melatonin production and white noise to help your children from waking each other up. Allow natural daylight during wake time and then blackout dark for naps/night to help kick circadian rhythm into gear. - Little Star Sleep Solutions"

To read even more fabulous tips on designing a shared bedroom, check out the rest of the article here!


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