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"I decided to hire Carrie from Little Star Sleep Solutions because my daughter was 6 months old and still waking five times a night and wanting to nurse at least three of those. I was beyond exhausted and my sleep deprivation was beginning to affect my mental and physical health. Carrie was awesome. She listened to our story and how we live our lives and was very interested in all the details. She came directly to my home and it was just like chatting with a friend...a wiser, supportive friend. She created the simplest plan for us to follow that worked for our life and our parenting style. I did as her plan entailed and within ONLY 3 nights, my little one was sleeping straight through the night with no nighttime feeds. I was surprised it was that easy. I wish I would have hired her years ago with my first child!!


It's hard for mothers to seek help as there is this unspoken expectation that we are supposed to just know it all. But hiring Carrie was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my family. Now that my baby and I are well rested I have more energy and attention to give to my toddler and to my husband. I am happier and motivated and I can enjoy my baby a lot more without secretly wishing she would just go to sleep. I would recommend her company to any mother who needs rest (and that's all of us!)."

Vicki & Olivia

 Winnipeg, MB

"I cannot say enough great things about Carrie! Sleep has always been a struggle in our household since having Brynn and I found that there were so many factors/variations regarding my daughter's sleep pattern that would make finding answers difficult. I decided to reach out to Carrie and it was exactly what I needed! 


We were able to discuss Brynn's specific needs, and how we should proceed and although it can be very tough emotionally to sleep train, Carrie was always there to comfort me and assure me that I was doing the right thing. Even though she is out West and in a different time zone, I was able to get the support I needed. Thanks to Carrie we were able to get on track and really see a difference in such a short amount of time.


I cannot say thank you enough for Carrie's guidance and highly recommend her because sleep is a MUST and having a routine is a game-changer for our family!"

Karyn & Brynn

Brantford, Ontario

"Carrie quickly yet thoroughly created an amazing plan perfectly tailored to my child and our family's needs. She was extremely supportive throughout the whole process and continues to be. It's amazing what a few short weeks, persistence and support has done for us. My husband and I have our evenings back and Nathan is sleeping 12 hrs through the night. We cannot say enough about Carrie and what the value of sleep means to us."

Lindsay & Nathan

Mount Pleasant, Ontario

"At 2 months old, my son Mason was sleeping through the night. It was awesome! But suddenly around 4 months old, he stopped. He was waking almost every hour. I nursed him to sleep, so when he would wake in the night I did the same. It worked, even though I was exhausted. Naps? Same thing. He would nap for around 20 minutes a couple of times a day. But only in my arms. Or I would have to take him for a car ride to get him to nap, but as soon as the car stopped, he woke up. I had no time for myself, but I kept going on this way until Mason was 7.5 months old. It was then my husband and I decided this was enough and we needed a change, and so I reached out to Carrie. 


From day one, Carrie was amazing to work with. I had read about sleep training but just couldn't figure out how to work it into our lives and schedule. Carrie made a daily plan for us and went over it before we started. She made sure I understood everything. I followed her instructions, and she checked in with me on the first night and reassured me that I could do this. Mason slept through the first night of our 10-day plan! I couldn't believe it. After the first night, Carrie checked in with me when she said she would, and she was always available if I ever needed her advice. 

Now, Mason sleeps 11-12 hours at night without waking and is taking two good naps a day. He doesn't fight sleep now and has learned to love sleeping!

Carrie was so supportive and encouraging through this entire process, I can't thank her enough for the way she's changed our lives!! I would recommend her services to anyone!"

Kate & Mason

Ingersoll, Ontario

"Foster was a "decent" sleeper but was inconsistent with napping, sometimes he would be up after 21 minutes, and sometimes he would sleep as long as two hours. Also, he was still waking up for a night feeding at nine months old.


Since I was going back to work in a few months I knew I needed some help getting him into a proper routine and set him up for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. The first few nights on the plan were though, but then he adjusted and understood our new routine. Within four days he was sleeping through the night and within three weeks he was having two naps a day that lasted between 60 and 90 minutes.


Now he still sleeps like a dream, at least 12 hours per night and has adjusted to just one nap per day that lasts between two and a half to four hours. Carrie provided a simple and successful program and offered the support we needed to transition our sweet boy into a great sleeper." 

Jill & Foster

Winnipeg, MB

When we first contacted Carrie for sleep advice we were desperate for a solid night of sleep! Our four-month-old had gone from waking no more than two times a night for breastfeeding to waking every hour or two and everyone in our household was exhausted. With Finnegan being our third child we thought we had solved the mysteries of sleep training however he seemed determined to prove us wrong! Carrie quickly got back to us and after an in-depth assessment of our situation, she created a detailed sleep plan that was easy to follow and implement. 


Carrie was a pleasure to work with during this experience. She had a calm and professional demeanour, listened carefully, and effectively identified the issues that were contributing to Finnegan’s frequent wakings. Throughout our interactions, it was evident that Carrie has a wealth of knowledge about the natural development of sleep cycles in infants and it was, therefore, easy to trust in the plan she had developed for our son as we knew that it was grounded in sound science. 

Finnegan is now sleeping through the night (!!) and has a regular nap routine, all thanks to Carrie and her sleep plan. We are so grateful for all of her help and highly recommend her services to others. Thank you Carrie!

Christy & Finnegan

Edmonton, AB


My son Easton is now 16 months and had never slept a full night. He also started refusing to sleep in his crib around 8 months and it was a battle every night just to get him to go to sleep let alone all of the night wakings. After trying multiple sleep training methods I read online, I decided to give Carrie a try.


I was extremely sceptical when she stated she had a 100% success rate and you would see results on night 3 but I committed to the customized sleep plan because I really had no other solutions to this problem. I was shocked to see on night three, Easton went to sleep in his crib within 15 minutes and following that night instantly going to sleep in his crib with no issues.


After about 2 weeks the night wakings also stopped. Carrie continued to provide support and suggestions until I was completely satisfied with Easton's sleeping pattern and I am beyond grateful for her expertise as I finally can have some time for myself again! My only regret is not contacting her sooner!"

Vanessa & Easton

Winnipeg, MB

Working with Carrie has been such an amazing experience for our family. As a new mom, I found myself feeling totally overwhelmed and confused about all the information about healthy baby sleep and was totally stressed about our daughter’s sleeping difficulties. I had contacted two larger sleep companies prior to being referred to Carrie by my best friend. After consulting with these companies I found that their feedback seemed generic and they did not seem adaptable in their approach to teaching healthy sleep habits. I was feeling very discouraged and reached out to Carrie as a last attempt on this journey to healthy sleep. Best.decision.ever.

During our consultation with Carrie, she was able to understand the sleeping difficulties our 5.5-month-old was having and she was extremely supportive. Carrie created a sleep plan that reflected our parenting values and beliefs and most importantly left us feeling comfortable with the implementation of the plan. Before starting this process I was feeling not so great about “sleep training” because of all the misunderstandings of what it actually entails. Carrie understood these concerns and demystified the process of assisting our baby to develop healthy sleep habits. Our daughter loves her crib and our bedtime routine has become a favourite part of our day.

We are so thankful for the hard work Carrie put in with our family and would definitely recommend her to other families struggling with sleep.

Ashley & Isla

Ancaster, Ontario

Our son never would fall asleep on his own, but we decided to get Carrie's help with sleep issues when our son hit his four month sleep regression and he would no longer be put down to sleep - Liz had to breastfeed him to sleep and hold him in her arms at all times or he wouldn't sleep - and needless to say, because of this, she was not getting much rest whatsoever. To say we were desperate is a vast understatement! To make matters more complicated, our son has GERD so sleep was even more difficult as a result. 


When we started sleep training according to Carrie's detailed and carefully thought-out sleep plan, our son wasn't even sleeping 10 hours in total over 24 hours. By the third day, he was sleeping over 14 - completely solo in his crib. We were so convinced we would have the child that would cry literally all night and never fall asleep or that he would hate us come the morning and things went better than we could have imagined or hoped. We are so thrilled with the results! Our little guy still greets us after sleep time with a huge smile and we are finally starting to feel a bit more like humans because we can finally get some sleep. Thanks to Carrie, our little guy is getting much healthier amounts of sleep and he no longer has Zombie Parents! 


Parenting is definitely such a difficult journey and it is so hard to look for help by reading online because of so much judgment - there were many tears to be had after reading "Don't be so selfish, you only get to hold your baby all night for so long, enjoy it" for the umpteenth time while trying to function on two hours of sleep in total per day. But even though these things definitely got us down, we knew that these sleep habits were not healthy for Oliver and something needed to be done! We have had to make a lot of decisions when it comes to parenting but contacting Carrie for help and teaching our little guy healthy sleep strategies was one of our best.

Liz, Richard & Oliver

Kitchener, Ontario

"We had decided to reach out to Carrie after barely surviving on very little sleep for over a month. Logan would only fall asleep in my arms while being bounced and rocked for over 30 minutes, and his sleep would only last for 20-30 minutes once he was put down. Nights were even tougher. 


Carrie was amazing at creating a plan that worked for our family and was supportive every step of the way. The plan was easy to follow and Carrie was available to answer any questions and offer guidance every step of the way. 

Logan has started to sleep 4-6 hr intervals in the night and able to put self back to sleep after feeds. 


Our only regret is not reaching out sooner!"

Oleksandra & Logan

Winnipeg, MB

"We cannot sing Little Star Sleep Solution praises enough around our house. Our family was in a pretty tough spot when we first reached out to Carrie. At 4.5 months Wesley was waking up every 45 minutes to 1.5 hours every night and after a few weeks I desperately turned to my exhausted husband and said, “ his sleep can’t get any worse than this.” The next morning we began our search for a sleep consultant. 

Initially, I was looking for someone local, but when Little Star Sleep Solutions was recommended to me I connected with Carrie and right away sensed she was the professional that would work best with our family. Over a quick phone call, I knew she would understand the needs of our family and be as determined as us to help Wesley sleep better. Her plan was the opposite of cookie-cutter, while she was willing to work closely with me to make alterations during the entire process to make sure it worked for our family. 

Within days we saw progress both with naps and overnight. Wesley is now sleeping through the night, connecting his sleep cycles during naps and is an overall much happier and energetic little guy. Mom, Dad and our dog Jerry, are also much more rested thanks to Carrie’s help. 

As my friend said when she recommended Little Star Sleep Solutions to me, “Carrie, ah...I love her,”  I would now have to agree and would recommend her services to anyone." 

Alana & Wesley

Toronto, Ontario

We hired Carrie to help with our 4-month-old baby. She was a pleasure to work with and helped us tremendously!

Our baby is now sleeping great, our house is functioning again. I would recommend anyone with a baby to contact Carrie to chat.


I wish I had contacted her before I did so I could have learnt how to help my baby start sleeping before the 4 month mark.

Ashley & Oakley

Winnipeg, MB

We cannot say enough good things about Carrie at Little Star Sleep Solutions! She is so caring, patient, prompt and dedicated!

Hiring someone to help you with your baby is a very intimate thing, and right from the beginning we trusted Carrie into our lives, and could not be happier with this decision. We truly feel as though we formed a bond with Carrie through this process, and we were sad to see our time with her come to an end.


The best part about Little star sleep solutions is that Carrie is with you the entire way through, she does not stop until all of your sleeping goals are met! Our 6 month old is now sleeping beautifully and we are all happier and more rested! And the resources she leaves you with are fabulous and we feel ready to tackle all things sleep-related! Thanks so much, Carrie for all your help!

Veronique & Clara

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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